Avg_livekive_ll AVG provides many security tools including an Antivirus, internet security suite, a Tuneup tool, LiveKive Online Backuo and MultiMi (combines social networks)

AVG is one of the top names in computer software, ranging from computer security to virus protection to social media innovation. Not only does AVG offer software comparable to most high costing software brands, but they also offer free rival software versions that review just as well as programs that charge for usage. Find out more about AVG and their different computer software solutions below.

AVG Antivirus 2013

Avg Antivirus

This competitive antivirus software stands apart from other software companies, because AVG offers a free version that, in testing, rivals antivirus software companies that charge for service. This antivirus software contains a “Do Not Track” feature that prevents malware from targeting users. The only downside to this product is that it’s very difficult to install on systems already affected by malware. AVG also offers a paid version for under $40 per year that has improved scan time and other added features.

AVG Internet Security 2013

Avg Internet Security 2013.Jpg

AVG’s internet security software, costing approximately $55 per year, contains some of the same features as its antivirus protection. It has “Do Not Track” technology and antivirus protection, but also comes with online shields and firewall protection. However, tests concluded that this security firewall can be breached. New phishing sites were also able to get through this internet security software.

AVG PC TuneUp 2013

Avg Pc Tune Up

Starting at $30 per year, this tuneup system software is designed to help user’s computers run like they did when they were brand new. AVG PC TuneUp helps improve system performance by scanning and repairing any issues. While this software works extremely well, it is a bit pricy for a tuneup program. Other tuneup software competitors offer the same services for lower annual prices.

AVG LiveKive


Many software companies are beginning to develop online backup solutions for users to store important files and documents. LiveKive, AVG’s solution to online storage offers both free and paid accounts. Their free account offers 5GB of space, while their paid accounts ($50-$80) offer 25-unlimited GBs of space. Since this software is relatively new, it’s not quite up to par with other storage solutions, like Dropbox, but very well could be within a few years.

AVG MultiMi

Multi Mi Avg

AVG shows they understand the high rising popularity of social media with their free MultiMi software download. This unique program helps to condense and combine many social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and email programs, into one easy to use interface. MultiMi is extremely secure and helps users seamlessly view all of their favorite applications, without hassle. The downside is that users cannot connect two of the same account types, such as two Facebook accounts.

AVG also offers software for smartphones, as well as safe search downloads. AVG’s Premium Security package combines many of the software features above into one convenient download. Their programs can help keep users’ computers safe and running properly, as well as store files and keep social media organized. AVG’s ability to produce so many free programs that challenge competitors’ paid software demonstrates their upper hand in the software industry.