What if you want to keep your files in sync across several computers, but don’t want to entrust your documents to file sharing services like Dropbox?

There are several ways to sync files over the internet or a local network, where you don’t have to worry about your files being on some strange central server somewhere. One of the simplest is BitTorrent Sync from BitTorrent Labs.

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Unlimited Sync

BitTorrent Sync uses the engine behind BitTorrent to move the files. You can sync an unlimited number of documents among all the computers in your own little home empire. Or, you can share stuff with friends and family through a dedicated folder. Sounds a lot like Dropbox but with tighter security? You got it.

Full Encryption

Every file transfer is encrypted so no snoops can see your stuff. The data is fully secured by private keys, and it is never stored on a remote cloud server. The program was designed from the ground up to handle bigger files, so you don’t have to worry about syncing those giant, uncompressed videos you made on holiday.
BitTorrent Install

Fast Installation

Installation is simple. During installation, you generate a sync folder, and then create a secret. The secret is key to making the sync work.
BitTorrent Secret

You can share the secret with another person, or another computer you want to sync. The designated folder will then be synced across all devices.

BitTorrent Connect


It’s seamless, working in the background using BitTorrent. It uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol similar to that used by other apps like uTorrent. The data is broken apart into many pieces, and the program chooses the best algorithm to maximize data transfer speed.
BitTorrent Screen

BitTorrent Sync works on Windows, Linux and Mac computers that meet these minimums:

–Windows XP SP3 32-bit or newer including 32 and 64-bit.
–Mac OS X Snow Leopard or newer.
–Linux with kernel 2.6.16 (glibc 2.4) or later on ARM/PPC/i386/x86_64

Download BitTorrent Sync