Some like to keep the desktop clean and remove all desktop icons. Here’s how you would actually do it.

Removing desktop icons from computer

1. Step Open up the Personalize CP (Control Panel). If you don’t know how, read our tutorial where is the Personalization Control Panel . Simply-right-click on Desktop and select Personalize

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2. Step When you are there, on the left side click the link Desktop Icons:

change desktop icons links

3. Step Now uncheck ALL boxes to remove all desktop icons from your desktop:

removing all desktop icons from desktop

4. Step When you click on Apply the icons will disappear

5. Step Now go back to your desktop and select all icons with arrows and delete them

6. Step Either drag and drop them to a new folder or delete them by hitting the DEL key

7. Step All desktop icons should now be removed, if you still have questions let us know

Removing Desktop Icons Without Deleting Programs

If you are worried about deleting actual programs from your computer, you might want to read our tutorial

How to remove desktop icons without removing program

In short: Only delete desktop icons with a arrow icon in the left bottom corrner