Gmr Delhi Airport Windows8 App Thumb3 Attention passengers travelling via Delhi, India — the Delhi Airport now has its own Windows 8 application.

Delhi Airport Gets Its Own Windows 8 App

Delhi International Airport Limited announced the availability of a brand new app — the GMR Delhi Airport app made for the newly launched Windows 8 platform. The app saw collaborations happening between the commissioned developers and Microsoft itself before seeing the light of day.

As is expected from an airport app, it is full of useful information for travelers. The app has features such as real-time flight information, live information on the weather and information about all available passengers’ facilities at the airport — an official statement from the airport authorities stated earlier today.

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As the smartphone and tablet usage goes up while rapidly replacing notebooks and netbooks and even full desktops in many cases, the use of such apps are poised to increase even more. Hence establishments all over the world have woken up to the need for such dedicated apps for their consumer/user base. Windows 8 makes an especially great platform to start with simply because it is currently the only platform that works seamlessly across all consumer computers — smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. This makes it a lucrative platform for any app maker and those who have an interest in making apps for themselves.

Also, the availability of these apps increase the expectations of users everyday. So we will soon be dealing with a generation of device users who expect such apps to be available by default for every service they use and everywhere they go. Companies need to keep up with this demand and many are likely to turn to Windows 8 because it theoretically provides the widest reach with its unified user interface, platform and app development.

A Windows 8 app can be easily adapted in to a Windows Phone 8 app, which is absolutely not true for any other platform. This flexibility itself will encourage more companies and developers to get behind the platform, resulting in great apps for all of us.