If your desktop is filled with icons, you share your PC with other people or if you want to increase your productivity, it would be nice to have multiple desktops. Download this virtual desktop manager for Windows 7 and you can!

Windows 7 Virtual Desktop Manager Download

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We previously reviewed two virtual desktop manager for Windows 7 with 3D navigation (3D cube) that you might want to try too.

There’s another great free virtual desktop manager that you want to give a try if you don’t like the other tools. The desktop manager Dexpot also includes a plugin called Dexcube to enable the 3D cube navigation (which is a pretty fancy feature if you see it live) if you have a DirectX9 graphics card.

Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 7

The tidy interface and many features of Dexcube make this one of the best virtual desktop managers out there. The icing on the cake is that Dexpot fully supports wallpaper clocks (.wcz files) by vladstudio.

Download Virtual Desktop Manager

You can download the free virtual desktop manager over at http://www.dexpot.de/ (the virtual desktop is free for private use, commercial users have to pay a small fee to use Dexpot on their corporate PC’s.