Mega Frontpage_ll Most of you should have heard of Mega’s relaunch by now. The question is, are they here to stay? The adult industry might wage a war on them

As many of you, I’ve been following Kim for a while on Twitter to see what he’s up to. And I must say I’m impressed that he’s not giving up after all he’s been through.

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Sex Sells – But Is Mega Causing A Drop In Sales?

It certainly looks like there are a few challenges ahead for Kim: Not only Hollywood wants to shut down Mega, now the adult industry is watching his every move. Well, let’s be honest here, sex sells and if the internet is good for one thing, it’s porn.

The problem? Apparently, a lot of people use services like Mega(upload) to share explicit files. Apparently, people also share high-quality content that you’d normally have to pay for (nothing we’d ever do, right?)

However, as Kim and his team pointed out: They only provide the platform to share files. You can do exactly the same via Dropbox, only that Dropbox has a different target audience and people are less likely to share pirated files via Dropbox or Google. A lot of Dropbox users are business users. Mega is targeting a very broad audience, but I would doubt it if any business would trust Mega with their files. Because of that, Mega will be the first and possibly only target for Hollywood and Co. Luckily, Mega looks VERY solid. Encryption is a basic right on the internet – the only problem I see right now is that some countries might label encryption as illegal.

Hollywood should stop this madness, they’re just mad that people actually stood up for their rights and SOPA/PIPA were unsuccessful.