Deploying Windows 7 If you are receiving the error “Windows could not finish configuring the system” right after the system preparation, it’s most likely a software problem. Apparently, deploying Windows 7 is still a bit problematic when you try to pre-install certain software on your enterprise systems.

Tip: This problem CAN occur when you partition your drive with 3rd-party tools. Do NOT use Partition Magic or Paragon Partition Manager to create your partitions.

Some people have reported that it the error occurs when you try to deploy certain software.

Possible solutions:

1. Kill “wmpnetwk.exe” before sysprep

2. Don’t include in pre-installed software image:

  • Avira
  • Citrix XenApp web plugin
  • Alcohol 120%

Deploying Windows 7 – NA Bus Tour

If you need help with deploying Windows 7 on your business PC’s, then I suggest that you check out the tour dates of the Windows 7 NA bus tour. Maybe Microsoft is coming to a town close to you and you can chat with some IT experts about your problems.