Deploying Windows 7 If you are receiving the error “Windows could not finish configuring the system” right after the system preparation, it’s most likely a software problem. Apparently, deploying Windows 7 is still a bit problematic when you try to pre-install certain software on your enterprise systems.

Tip: This problem CAN occur when you partition your drive with 3rd-party tools. Do NOT use Partition Magic or Paragon Partition Manager to create your partitions.

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Some people have reported that it the error occurs when you try to deploy certain software.

Possible solutions:

1. Kill “wmpnetwk.exe” before sysprep

2. Don’t include in pre-installed software image:

  • Avira
  • Citrix XenApp web plugin
  • Alcohol 120%

Deploying Windows 7 – NA Bus Tour

If you need help with deploying Windows 7 on your business PC’s, then I suggest that you check out the tour dates of the Windows 7 NA bus tour. Maybe Microsoft is coming to a town close to you and you can chat with some IT experts about your problems.