If you want to install Ubuntu and Windows 8, you might have to bypass Windows 8’s secure boot option. Here’s how.

Tip: If you install Ubuntu first, you can use Ubuntu’s grub manager to dual boot both. Always make sure to enable the Windows 8 safe mode as explained here: Enter Windows 8 Safe Mode

Turned Off By Default

Windows 8 has the secure boot option turned on by default where the UEFI boot will verify a digital signature before allowing the OS to boot. This is meant to stop malware from infecting the system at the boot level. However, this also prevents unsigned OS’s like Ubuntu from booting. Here’s a way to get around that.

1. Step Install Windows 8
2. Step Download and Install Ubuntu via Wubi. You can get Wubi (Ubuntu Installer for Windows) here: Download Wubi
3. Step Boot into Windows 8 and install Easy BCD. Choose Ubuntu as the default OS here.
4. Step Now reboot the system and boot in to Ubuntu to finish the install.
5. Step Now you can use both.

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No More UEFI Protection

Please note that whilst this allows you to dual boot more easily, it does take away the protection that UEFI secure boot offers. So we don’t recommend it and it can damage your system due to malware infection.

There may be ways around it to install Linux and then turn on UEFI again