Do you run into blue screens regularly and you read our tutorial how to fix blue screens but it didn’t help? Here is a tip how you can maintain the integrity of your system and check for files that are not digitally signed. Some drivers that are not signed may cause trouble, so this might be helpful if you have a few hours.

File Signature Verification

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Windows 7 includes a tool called File Signature Verification. What it does? It scans your system drivers for digitally signatures. Not all drivers are obviously digitally signed. And that’s the kicker! Normally, you don’t have to worry about files that are not signed. In fact, a lot of new NVIDIA drivers may not be signed. However, if you are debugging your system it may be useful to know what drivers are not signed.

1. Step Click on Start.

2. Step Enter sigverif.exe and hit enter

3. Step The File Signature Verifications starts, click on Start to scan for system files that are not digitally signed.

Check Windows 7 Driver For Signatures How To

4. Step Normally, you should get a message: “Your files have been scanned and verified as digitally signed:

Your files have been scanned and verified as digitally signed

Over at I found a list of files of a user that run the test. A lot of false positives popped up:

dxmasf.dll 8/22/2006
mfc40u.dll 11/1/2006
mxdwdrv.dll 3/22/2007 0.3.6000.0
mxdwdui.dll 3/22/2007 0.3.6000.16438
mxdwdui.gpd 8/31/2006 None
mxdwdui.ini 4/21/2006 None
nv4_disp.dll 4/19/2007
nv4_mini.sys 4/19/2007
nvapi.dll 4/19/2007
nvcpl.hlp 4/19/2007 None
nvcod.dll 4/19/2007
nvcodins.dll 4/19/2007
nvcpl.dll 4/19/2007
nvdisps.dll 4/19/2007
nvgames.dll 4/19/2007
nvhwvid.dll 4/19/2007
nvmccs.dll 4/19/2007
nvmccss.dll 4/19/2007
nvmctray.dll 4/19/2007
nvmobls.dll 4/19/2007
nvnt4cpl.dll 4/19/2007
nvoglnt.dll 4/19/2007
nvsvc32.exe 4/19/2007
nvvitvs.dll 4/19/2007
nvwcplen.hlp 4/19/2007 None
nvwddi.dll 4/19/2007
nvwss.dll 4/19/2007
quartz.dll 8/29/2005 6.5.2600.2749
stddtype.gdl 4/21/2006 None
stdschem.gdl 8/4/2006 None
stdschmx.gdl 4/21/2006 None
strmdll.dll 8/21/2006
unidrv.dll 3/22/2007 0.3.6000.16438
unidrvui.dll 3/22/2007 0.3.6000.16438
unires.dll 3/22/2007 0.3.6000.16438

Most of the dll files are from Nvidia (NV) and can be safely ignored most of the time.

However, you may want to try different drivers if you get blue screens frequently. Try a driver that IS signed.

You can check our page: Download latest video card drivers