Guild Wars 2 Final Beta June 22_Thumb Guild Wars 2, developed by ArenaNet, releasing August 28 but the final beta weekend runs from July 22-25. Here’s what I want the developer to show off before full release.

Because the hype for the Guild Wars 2 release is in full swing with around seven weeks to go, here’s what I want in the beta weekend

When AreaNet suddenly announced that the Guild Wars 2 release date was August 28 – yes, that’s next month – without any kind of tease, the community was very excited and obviously very hyped. ArenaNet also confirmed that the final beta weekend event begins June 22, so here’s what I want to be shown.

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#1: Sylvari, Asura

The most obvious request is for ArenaNet to show off the Sylvari and Asura races, which haven’t been shown off. ArenaNet has previously said that both races are being internally tested, but with the release date now set the majority of the testing has likely been done. Therefore, even if it’s only one of the races, a slice of new content to keep our appetites wet building up to release would be most welcome.


#2: More accessible World vs World

World vs World vs World is a pretty cool player vs player mode: it’s a three-way server battle, ongoing, to gain and control keeps. Players can also gain and protect supplies. The problem is that if more casual players like myself – though I did play Guild Wars for three years constantly pretty much – it’s overwhelming. When I was playing my defensive Guardian build with a Mace and Shield, I got destroyed. When I played with my Charr Engineer, but I wasn’t sure of where to get supplies and how to access different parts of the map. It’s only because friends were playing that I knew what I was doing. That’s not going to be the case for a lot of new players, who are probably jumping over from World of Warcraft or The Old Republic.

#3: Traits: what are they?

Exactly. Traits have to be the most confusing and seemingly half-finished element in Guild Wars 2 – in my personal opinion, of course – so I’m hoping there’s some way to familiarise with what stats affect what Traits and how.