Although it might seem like Internet Explorer 9 just released, Internet Explorer 10 is already in the works. In fact, there is already an Internet Explorer 10 preview available for people to view and test drive.

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 And Windows 8

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Internet Explorer 10th Anniversary

The Internet Explorer was first released in 1995. It is the most widely used Internet browser worldwide, but Firefox, Chrome and Opera are gaining more market share every day. What can Microsoft change to stop this trend?

Internet Explorer 10: Windows 7 and Windows 8 ONLY

The Internet Explorer 10 preview version only works with Windows 7 and soon with Windows 8. This means that people who have older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, will not be able to use this new version of Internet Explorer. This could be an incentive for people to upgrade their computers with the newest version of a Windows operating system.

It could also mean that Microsoft plan to add some special features that will only be possible to use on Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Included in the Internet Explorer 10 preview was the mention that the new browser would provide support for both HTML5 and CSS3, including specific functions like gradients and the flexible box layout. This means that Internet Explorer 10 will be able to display even the most advanced websites as they were meant to be seen. Website developers will be glad that IE10 will be finally on par with other browsers.

Downloading the Internet Explorer 10 Preview

For computer users who are using Windows 7, there is a trial version of Internet Explorer 10 to download. It is available at Microsoft’s Test Drive site

New updates to the Internet Explorer 10 preview are expected to be launched every eight to twelve weeks until it is released, so keep checking back to get the latest updates. Microsoft will be looking for feedback from users about how the Internet browser is performing and they will want to be notified of any bugs or glitches with the program.