Rather than formatting and re-installing you need to know how to fix the MBR Master Boot Record in Windows 8 the next time disaster strikes

Fixing Mbr In Win8

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MBR is the fixed “starting point” for booting a machine. The second most important thing after the BIOS – if it’s missing or corrupt, you will not be able to boot Windows 8

When the machine is switched on, after the boot-up, the MBR tells your PC how to boot the disk and load the operating system. Boot viruses affect this and can also cause MBR issues

Steps to fix the MBR

1. Step At first insert your Windows 8 DVD. You have to boot from DVD, so make sure the DVD is the first bootable device. Try F8 to see if you can change the boot order that way (works on most ASUS motherboards)

2. Step Click next

click next

3. Step Now Click on Repair your computer.

Click Repair

4. Step Next click the option Troubleshoot among the 2 options shown on screen.

Troubleshoot selected

5. Step Click on Advanced options.

Advanced selected

6. Step Next Click on Command promt .

click CommandPromt

7. Step The following prompt will appear:

Command Promt Started

8. Step Write the following command line:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

Command Written

Restart your machine and your MBR problem should be fixed – no more trouble with that – but in any case run a CHKDSK operation, scheduling to before a boot-up sequence