A recent crowdfunding campaign by Sony has proved successful as the Japanese firm bring a new smart home device to the market.

Sony Run Crowdfunding Campaign For Smart Home Device

Sony have been through the wars lately. Their Sony Pictures division has been hacked in a breach of security that has seen the firms reputation take a severe hit as company practices and information are leaked to the world on an ongoing basis.

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Maybe it is somewhat ironic then that its latest product is catered for – security!


Sony recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on a Japanese crowdfunding site and the results are in – and this time it appears Sony have some good news to ponder over. Their Qrio Smart Lock exceeded its start target which means it is set to go into production soon. But what exactly is it?

Meet The Worlds Smallest Smart Lock – The Qrio Smart Lock

Sony used japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake to run the project. The Qrio devices is a retrofittable lock that lets you open your front door – or any door – with a smartphone.

The device fits neatly over the existing hardware in your door and you will not need any handyman or tools such a screwdriver to install the kit.It used an adhesive that they assure us does not damage our doors in any way. This of course opens up the product to be used in many different occasions such as short time rentals or overnight air bnb type stays.


Any one with the encrypted key on their smartphone can unlock the door. Not quite eye tracking level of security but were getting there!

They are attempting to create an ecosystem of companies that combine both manufacturing and tech and say that 25 companies have already been recruited to their eco-system.These include US based Misfit and iHealth Labs .

Sony Takes Unique Crowdfunding Approach To New Product

So why does a firm as gigantic as Sony even turn to crowdfunding during the launch of a prospective product. Well it certainly was not for the capital needed to get this project off the ground.

Instead the firm used the Kickstarter like site to garner customer feedback and reaction. Their are a number or Smart Lock Products set to hit the market soon and it is something that Sony look keen to get a head start in. They used the approach withe their FES watch aswell.


Then Sony branding is relatively minute and only appears at the bottom interestingly.