A new virus is spreading quickly. It’s called the “Here you Have Virus” and spreads via E-Mail. So, if you see a mail with the subject “Here You Have”, delete it immediately. If you have already opened the attached file, get instructions how to remove it after the break.

Here you have virus email

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The virus is spreading quickly. Many organizations and companies are affected (NASA, Comcast, AIG, Disney, Florida Department of Transportation and Wells Fargo) and had to shutdown their email services. Supposedly, the “Here you have virus” has sent out millions of emails.

Content of the mail:
Hello: This is The Document I told you about, you can find it here.

The “Here you have” virus is pretty smart. The attached file looks like a PDF file that you can open with Adobe’s PDF Reader or other PDF readers, but in fact it’s a .scr Screensaver file that will execute malicious code on your machine. Here’s what you can do to remove the virus again! A .scr file will be automatically copied to “C:\Windows\system32\”, so the virus will sit directly in your Windows directory and gains access from there to execute code. In order to remove the virus, we recommend to wait a little bit for the latest updates for your anti-virus software.

Remove “Here You Have Virus”: Advanced Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus Software


1. Step Stop the internet connection on the infected PC. In order to avoid any harm and/or the spread of the “Here you have” virus disconnect from the internet.

2. Step Run one of the following anti-virus tools: Panda, AVG or McAfee will allow you to remove the “Here you have” virus. The mentioned anti-virus tools are updating their virus definitions 24/7, so they will be able to remove it (soon).

3. Step Download and install anti-malware and anti-virus software to remove the virus and possible malware that is now on your PC.

Here are two professional anti-malware solutions that you should use to remove any malware on your PC:

Download & Install Anti-malware

Should you still run into any problems or notice any unusual behaviour, please let us know and we will try to figure out the problem for you. If we get any updates on this virus and how to remove it, we’ll let you know.