Windows 7 Batch File Creating a batch file is super easy and can often help you to finish annoying, repetitive tasks a bit quicker. Here’s a quick guide that teaches you how to create a batch file.

1. Step Simply open the notepad (enter notepad into the search field and hit enter)
2. Step Start writing your command line commands (list of commands below)
3. Step Save the file as a .bat file and here’s the clue, select “All files” from the dropdown:

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Create a bat file in Windows 7

Writing a batch file is simple if you know basic programming. For example IF and DO can be used in a batch file. Also IF EXIST and COPY are two useful commands.

IF EXIST randomfile.file COPY C:\myfile.txt %APPDIR%/myfile.txt

Command Line Commands

Because there are so many commands, you should check out this: list of commands from A to Z

Some useful commands:
IF … DO …

Actually, you can use every command that you have ever used in a Windows command prompt and it will magically work in a batch file as well *grin*