If you want to know where to download mods for Skyrim, check this out and download various mods for enhanced textures, enhanced anti aliasing, sharpen effects, blood textures and more

Skyrim mods where to download

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A lot of mods are available for Oblivion and TES: Morrowind. We don’t have real modding tools yet (they might come soon) for Skyrim, but many modders are already hard at work creating improved textures and models for Skyrim.

Initially, Bethesda planned to released Skyrim mod tools on day 1, so I am hopeful that they will release the tools shortly. Then we will have a lot new castles and game content to explore. I’ve been into modding games for some time, so I will definitely have to check out the new TES mod tools. If you would like your mod to be features on our site, drop a mail (win7themes at googlemail.com)

Skyrim Modding Resources

One of the leading Skyrim sites for mods is http://www.skyrimnexus.com/
Skyrim Mods (General Overview)
Skyrim Texture Mods

Before After Screenshots With Applied Texture Mods

Skyrim has only been out for 4 days, so the texture modders are still hard at work. The changes are minimal, but if you see it in game it’s quite noticable.

The following mod makes Skyrim even more beautiful: Beautiful Skyrim
Skyrim Texture Mods3

Skyrim Texture Mods4

This mod adds new high-quality textures for the town Whiterun: HQ Texture Pack Whiterun WIP

Skyrim Texture Mods1

Skyrim Texture Mods2


If you know of any good sites where you can download new Skyrim mods and textures, post them below!