When you install Windows 8 you can customize the Windows 8 express settings. The settings will decide whether Microsoft can enable the SpyNet, give you personalized content or send back information to Microsoft to improve Windows 8. If you care about privacy, you may want to customize the settings, but it’s really not a big deal to enable them.

Installing Windows 8 and Customizing Settings

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First off, you can give your PC a name.

Personalize Windows 8

Windows 8 Express Settings

Next, you can customize the so called Express settings. Basically, Windows 8 will:

  • Automatically install important and recommended updates to help protect your PC
  • Help protect your PC from unsafe content, files and websites
  • Send Microsoft info to help make Windows and location services better
  • Check online for solutions to problems

Windows 8 Express Settings

Protect And Update Your Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 can automatically help to protect and update your PC:

Automatically Install Windows 8 Drivers

Protect Your Windows 8 PC From Unsafe Content

  • Automatically install the latest hardware and devices drivers
  • Get metadata and device apps for devices

Windows 8 Smartscreen Filter

Send Microsoft Information To Make Windows 8 And Windows 8 Apps Better

  • Use the Internet Explorer SmartScreen Filter to check URLs and file downloads with Microsoft
  • Use the Windows SmartScreen Filter to check files and apps with Microsoft

Disable Microsoft Error Reporting

Allow Windows 8 To Share Information With Apps

  • Send Microsoft info about the web content my apps use to help make the Windows Store better
  • Join Microsoft Spynet to help protect your PC from malicious apps and malware
  • Help improve Microsoft services by sending some location data when you use location-aware apps
  • Help make Microsoft software and services better by participating in the Customer Experience Improvement Program

App Privacy Settings

Check Online For Solutions To Windows 8 Problems

  • Let apps you personalized content based on your name and account picture
  • Let apps access your location using the Windows location platform

Windows Error Reporting

  • Use Windows Error Reporting to check for solutions to problems
  • Get the latest troubleshooting packs to fix problems
  • Use Windows Internet Explorer Compatibility View lists to help improve your experience on some sites