Here are 2 ways how you can easily change file extensions on Windows 8

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What is a file extension ?

A filename extension is a suffix (separated from the filename by a dot) to the name of a computer file applied.
Filename extension indicates the encoding (file format) of its contents or usage. It is the key to the operating system and also the users to
identify a file’s type. If the file extension is “.avi” or “.mkv” or “.wmv” then it is a video file.
If the extension is “.mp3” or “.wma” or “.m3a” then it is audion file. There are are several other
extensions for audio and video files also.

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Why would I change my file extensions?

The normal reason behind changing the File extension is the need of changing the format of that file.
May be your have mobile phone or an ipod, which doesn’t support all types of files. Then to get a selected file of an unsuppoorted format
to be played, you have to change that file’s format. As an example you can consider converting a .mkv file to .mp4 file.

How to change the file extension ?

There are many ways you can change file extension. Mainly,

1. Step Using windows File & Folder option

2. Step Using Comand prompt to change file extension.

3. Step Using Extension Changer (third party software).

4. Step Using some editor software of the file type. But whatever the editor software is ,
there are limited filetypes you can convert.As well as in this method, file encoding is also changed.
So this is recommended for advanced user (& not covered here).

But whatever the method is, you must be in Admistrator account or you need Administrative access to change extension
of any file.

1. Using windows File & Folder option :

1. open any folder in your computer.And look for the View in the toolbar.Click Option under
“View” and select Change Folder and Search Option from the dropdown list (or simply click the option button).

Option Clicked

A Pop up window will open.Select View tab.

Folder option

2. In the Advanced Settings area, search “Hide extensions for known file types” . Initially the checkbox is
checked, i.e. selected.Uncheck It & Click OK twice.

Show hide

3. Select any file and try to rename it either by selecting the file &Press F2 or using right click pop up. while renaming the file Change the Extension of the file ( here I changed .mp3 to .music).
A warning will be shown.Click yes to rename as well as changing file extension.

to be changed



2. Using Comand prompt to change file extension.

1. Step In the windows 8 home screen type “cmd” to search command prompt. Then right click On cmd.exe. A toolbar will pop up.
Click the “Run as Administrator”

search cmd from home screen

2. Step Click yes button to launch command propmt.

3. To navigate to the directory,in the command promt type the address of the directory where the file is located. (
Here my file is in “I ” drive so I type I in the command prompt)

open cmd.exe

4. Step Then type in the command promt ren filename.extension newfilename.newextension . (Replace filename,
with current file name, current file extension, desired new file name,& file extension
respectively & don’t forget the black spaces between the words).

run command

To change the extension of every file of type .extension (like .mp3, .iso etc) in the current folder & it’s subfolders to the
new extension type ren *.oldextension *.newextension (e.g. ren *.iso *.image).

Now you can change the extension of any file as you want. It’s that simple.