Microsoft aim to present the full range of Metro apps from the moment you boot the OS.

New News, Sports and Travels apps will all be available in the upcoming Release Preview

The Release Preview is actually a pretty exciting version of Windows 8, but we’re beyond the stage of figuring out a new and different OS. The Release Preview marks the near-final version of the operating system ahead of the expected October launch, so it’s no surprise Microsoft is adding more features to the operating system to ensure people get the best look at what’s to come.

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The site Win Unleaked uploaded an image of the build, showing off the new apps. Win Unleaked has a track record on information about Windows 8, and has also revealed the code of the final version will be 8400.winmain_win8rc.120518-4213. Goodness knows how they know that, but the code clearly points to the Release Candidate with the rc initials. Excited?

As we reported last week, Microsoft is ensuring consistency across its operating by also updating existing Metro apps: Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging among others before the Release Preview lands in the first week of June. Microsoft has removed the Live branding from the apps, which is a welcome move in my opinion as I never like the sound of it. Just call the apps what they are, rather than trying to tie them into a service. At least Apple only has one letter in front of its apps, and even then some are called just one sword such as Safari.

Developers are the key

Microsoft is also hosting a keynote on June 6, where it’s expected the company will talk about future hardware. Rumors earlier in the year said the company would be meeting with OEMs mid-2012 to discuss launch strategy, so maybe the public keynote lines up with those meeting.

To be fair, Microsoft is pushing a huge amount of consistency across its services. It’s something we’ve only seen Apple do, and if Microsoft can replicate the company’s polish – and the polish seen in Microsoft’s own Windows Phone – then the experience will be worth using. Hopefully the stock will give developers an insight into how their apps can look. Developers are hugely important, so getting lots involved is vital.