Let’s assume you have a couple programs opened and don’t want to switch to iTunes to skip to the next track. How about using a script to control itunes ANYWHERE?

control itunes from anywhere

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Controlling iTunes

For this purpose, I found a very handy script over at the AutoHotkey forums by polyphenol: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic5727

Simply put the code into your script file and reload the script.This is quite a useful script for all iTunes addicts!

To skip to the next track, you can now use Winkey + .

winkey + \ = launch iTunes or hide/show
winkey + . = next song
winkey + , = previous song
winkey + / = play/pause toggle
winkey + ; = volume up
winkey + ‘ = volume down
winkey + = = preview song every 10 sec
winkey + – = stop preview mode

Long live the 80’s – rock on!