A new version of XLefty is available for download. The new version improves the beta features a bit and it fixed some minor bugs.

XLefty Freeware Update

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Mac-like caption buttons
The portable tool XLefty allows you to move the caption buttons (close, maximize, minimize buttons) at the top of each window from the right side to the left side, much like you may knew it from a Mac.

Useful for lefties
This tool should also be very useful for lefties, who might want the buttons on the left, because if you are also using a mouse for lefties then you always have to move the mouse across the entire screen to close/minimize/maximize windows. That’s why it’s called XLefty, it’s good for lefties and makes Windows 7 look like Mac OS X.

PAD File
If you are running a freeware site and would like to include this free (100% freeware) tool in your site you can use this PAD file:
XLefty 1.0.1 PAD File

Download XLefty 1.0.1

Download XLefty

Only allowed to share if you provide a link to our site. Free for personal use.

License XLefty by http://windows7themes.net is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

About XLefty (taken from PAD file)
XLefty is a program that can help to mimic the look of a Mac by moving the Windows caption buttons (minimize, maximize, close) from the right side to the left side. Lefties might find this tool particular handy, because they no longer have to move the mouse over the entire screen to minimize/maximize/close windows. Also, users that are used to the UI of a Mac will appreciate this little tool.

Key features:
Move caption buttons from right to left,
Move caption buttons of foreground window only,
Minimize program on startup,
Approve specific windows ONLY (use the target arrow to select a window that should have the caption buttons on the left). Approved windows will be remembered!