The Home button on the left side is more comfortable. Also the status bar is disabled by default, which is a must for secure browsing! But you first need to enable them and unlock the IE9 toolbars.

move home button

Show Status Bar and Home Button On Left Side

1. Step Start IE9

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2. Step Right-click where the red arrow points to and check the options Status bar and possibly some others that you want to show. For example if you want to have a “Home” button on the left side of your IE9 you can check the option Command bar.
Show status bar

3. Step If you enable the Command bar and Favorites bar, you also need to unlock the bars to move the Home button to the left.
unlock internet explorer 9 bars

After unlocking the toolbars you can move the Command bar by dragging the bar to the left. Simply click on the dotted bar and drag it to the left (you need to hold the left mouse button while you click on the dotted bar)

When that is done you should have something like the first picture of this post and you can reach the Home button more easily and see what links you are clicking on.