How to lock desktop icons Windows 7 When you change the screen resolution your desktop icons will often change its position on the screen. To avoid that you should know how to lock desktop icons or how to save a desktop layout in Windows 7.

Lock Desktop Icons via DesktopOK

You can’t actually lock the desktop icons, but you can save the position of all desktop icons and restore it whenever you want to.To do that we are going to download a little tool called DesktopOK:

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When you start DesktopOK, don’t be confused if it’s in German, you can select English from the dropdown at the bottom:
Save Desktop Icon Layout

Also, don’t be confused when you try to save a desktop icon layout as a .dok file and it won’t appear on the main list. If you save layouts as .dok files you have to restore it via the entry “DesktopOK – Icon’s Layout load from .dok”.

Save a desktop icon layout and lock your desktop icons:

Lock desktop icons

After clicking on Save it will then appear in the main list and you can always restore your desktop icon layout via the Restore button.
If you want to run DesktopOK from command line, you can get more information here. It is

Arrange Desktop Icons

Desktop Icon Toy Clock

If you want something more unique for your own desktop, you can use advanced tools to arrange your desktop icons automatically to create some random forms like circles, rectangles, hearts or pyramids.

Try Desktop Icon Toy