Boot Advanced Options_preview_thumbRAM stands for Random Access Memory that is used to process applications when Windows is running.

The bigger the ram, the better the application processing speed and memory. To get this working, however it is important that you login with an administrator account. Here is how to set maximum RAM by Windows 7
1. StepClick Start Menu and type msconfig and press Enter

Type MSCONFIG in Start Menu and press Enter

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2. StepClick the Boot tab and then click Advanced Options…

Click Boot tab and then click Advanced Options in MSconfig

3. StepBy default, the Maximum Memory would be unchecked, which means that Windows 7 is consuming system’s entire RAM.

Boot advanced options

4. StepWhen you click OK, check Make all boot settings permanent

Make all boot settings permanent

5. StepWhen you click Apply, a warning would appear. Click Yes would immediately restart your computer for the changes to take effect during the booting process.

System Configuration message


You can always come back at any time to change the settings but have to restart your system in order for the changes to take effect.