Browser Not Working in Windows 7Is your browser not working in Windows 7? Here’s a checklist what you can do about it!

1. Step If your browser is not working the most frequent reason is that your firewall is blocking the access. Disable your software and hardware (router) firewall temporarily.

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2. Step Another very common reason is that your DNS cache has not been updated with the new information. This can happen and is very normal. In order to fix this you have to flush your DNS settings. In short, open cmd.exe and enter ipconfig /flushdns. Full details: Flush DNS in Windows 7

3. Step Corrupt Winsock. Oh yea, I’ve been there! This is a mean one, but I wrote a little batch file to repair your winsock:
Download Winsock Fix for Windows 7

4. Step Make sure you don’t have a proxy enabled for your browser. If a proxy is set up, your connection may fail.

5. Step Maybe your ISP DNS Server is down. Try to use another DNS server for your DNS lookups. Learn how to set up OpenDNS

6. Step Your hosts file is missing. Restore missing hosts file

7. Step Try to do a system restore

8. Step Try to repair your internet connection with Microsoft’s FixIt tool: Troubleshooting Windows 7

9. Step The winsockfix might not help, but it might help to set autotuninglevel to highly restricted.
Open an elevated command prompt and enter netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted Try this as a last resort ONLY. To disable the autotuning for RWIN set it to disabled (autotuninglevel=disabled) .