There are many reasons to block certain sites. Pre-compiled lists can help you to block insecure sites and enhance your PC security.

Why Blocking Sites Is A Good Idea

The need to block websites is required in order to prevent misuse of the Internet in both home and office environment. Employers who want to enhance the productivity and prevent misuse of time and resources or parents who want to protect their children from mature content on the Internet.

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Another reason is that some sites may lower your productivity and you can use the hosts file to block it temporarily.

Yet another reason could be that you want to block a site for safety reasons. There are some lists available for download that can block malware sites. Download a pre-compiled list here

Step By Step

1. Step Open the Start Menu and click on Computer. In Computer navigate to C:/Windows.

computer C:

2. Step Inside C:/Windows open system32 folder.


3. Step In system32 folder open the folder drivers.


4. Step Inside drivers open etc.


5. Step Inside the etc locate the file hosts


6. Step Right Click on hosts file and select Open with Notepad

hosts Notepad

7. Step The following hosts file text will be displayed.

hosts preview

8. Step Now suppose you want to block, then enter following lines in the file.
so write

hosts edit

IMPORTANT: Open a notepad editor with admin rights if you can’t save the hosts file. To do that right-click on the notepad.exe in C:\Windows and click on Run as administrator. Else you can simply enter notepad.exe into the search bar, hold down CTRL + Shift and hit Enter