Audacity1 Most sound-recording software tends to come with a full editing suite. We have reviewed 5 great programs that are Windows 8 ready.

As music software becomes more and more accessible, more musicians have become accustomed to creating and recording music on their home PC. While Windows 8 does have some restrictions, there are still plenty of great ways to record and edit your music.

1) Audacity


For a freeware program, Audacity is surprisingly well equipped. Not only does it record and play sounds, but it has a positively huge amount of editing options. Yes, the standard cut and paste is present, as is a track mixer and a variety of effects; however, Audacity doesn’t end there. The amount of tracks you can add to a single project is only limited by your PC’s hardware. The “undo” function lets you go back as far as you need to. All of this is included in a surprisingly easy to understand interface.

2) FL Studio 10 (Fruityloops)


For musicians without a recording space, drums have traditionally been the sticking point. While it’s easy to record many other instruments in your home or apartment, drums are generally too loud to do without a soundproofed space. This is where FL studio shines. While it has capabilities to record and mix sound, the build in drum machine is the big selling point for many musicians. However, the interface takes some getting used to, and the $150 price is a bit much for some.

3) Sonar X2


Sonar X2 is one of the more overlooked audio editing suites. However, by all accounts, it appears to be a very stable program as long as you have the processing power to handle it. It has nearly every kind of editing gadget that a serious musician could want. The program comes in three versions, Producer, Studio, and Essential. The three variations have different prices and scaled down content, though the quality between the three is consistent.

4) Acid Pro 7


While the interface takes some work to understand, the modest price sells this program for most people. With Acid Pro 7, you get a surprisingly lightweight music recording and editing program, which receives glowing reviews from customers across the board. Acid Pro 7 is generally very fast, not particularly prone to crashing, and has plenty of good support available. There are plenty of recording and editing features to suit the needs of every artist.

5) Avid Pro Tools 10


If you need serious audio recording and editing abilities, Pro Tools 10 is the industry standard for professional recording artists. Both recording and editing are a breeze with this program, and if you do hit a snag, Pro Tools tech support is some of the best around. This program consistently creates high-end output of professional caliber. Of course, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheaply, so expect to pay around $700 for this piece of software.

Any of these programs are great for amateur or even professional musicians. As Windows 8 becomes more commonplace, more music software will become available. Until then, if none of these meet your needs, there’s always Windows sound recorder.