Are you trading with stocks? Have you bought some Microsoft stocks or are you interested in DOW Jones and Co?
Well, the bad news are that Microsoft had to remove the stock gadget from Windows 7 RTM (all editions).

Dow jones, who is the provider of the “Dow Jones Industrial Average” quote feed to the Win 7 in-box stock gadget, wants a EULA agreement to be shown and accepted for any user before they can see the data from their feed in the stock gadget.

Luckily there are many 3rd party gadgets available.

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Why you may not want to use gadgets: Stock gagets can be a great ways to keep track of your stock portfolio – however, longterm investors would be advised not to check it every 5 minutes. If you’re a daytrader it’s another approach, but if you are a value investor you should keep in mind that stock prices/quotes simply go up and down. As long as you have enough funds to buy when the market goes down, you’ll be fine (if you have invested in respectable companies that have been around for decades and have a great track record!).
Stock Gadget for Windows 7
Stock Gadget for Windows 7

I don’t fully understand why they had to remove the stock gadget. There are many sites that display realtime stats of Dow Jones, NASDAQ and other indizes, but I suppose it’s all about “pre-installation” without user confirmation. When someone visits a website and requests a realtime quote he does it on purpose and they have to agree to the EULA of the site. Did you know that you have to accept the TOS of a website or you are not “allowed” to visit a site? Of course no one cares, but I guess it makes all the difference.

Download Stock Gadget

Anyway, I hope that this stock gadget for Windows 7 helps your trading endeavours!

Almost 100,000 downloads. Pretty popular gadget by now!