Do you use Gmail and need a Windows 7 Gmail Gadget? I certainly do. This Gmal widget is a real time saver and will help you to check your inbox in just a few seconds. The Gmail widget fully supports the Windows 7 Jumplists and even allows you to preview your mail on your taskbar.

Windows 7 Gmail Widget

Download Gmail Gadget: Gmail Notifier Plus

You can download the gadget for free from here:

E-Mail Sound Notifications

The widget even allows you to define your very own sound notifications and customize it just as you want to and you can make it automatically check for new messages every (x) seconds:
Windows 7 Gmail Widget Sound Notification

Windows 7 Support

Pin the Gmail widget to your taskbar for fast access:
Windows 7 Gmail gadget Pin To Taskbar

The widget supports the Windows 7 taskbar and jumplists. It will display the 10 newest unread messages:
Gmail Widget Windows 7 Jumplist

Preview E-Mail

You can preview your newest mail messages by hovering over the icon on your taskbar:

New: (2.1)
Windows 7 Gmail Notifier Plus 2.1 Preview Email

Old: (1.0)
Gmail Widget Mail Preview