Enter Key Does Not Work Firefox 10_Thumb.jpg 1If your Enter / Return key does not work properly in the latest Firefox 10, then read on.

The solution is actually very easy. It has nothing to do with Firefox, one of your security tools is messing with Firefox.

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1. Step Click on the orange Firefox button and click on Add-ons

Firefox 10 Addons 1

2. Step Click on the Disable button of AVG Safe Search 12.0.xx

Disable Avg Safe Search Addon 1

3. Step Restart Firefox

4. Step The Enter, return key will now work again.

Optionally, if you’d rather not want to disable the AVG Safe Search extension, you can simply use the small arrow that appears when you enter an URL into the address bar to submit the URL and load the website.

Did you notice that any other keys beside the Enter/return key do not work? Let us know!