Chrome not only is a good browser, it also offers a lot of nice apps. If you want to add some Chrome apps to your Windows 7 taskbar, follow this tutorial that explains how to prevent that Chrome changes the icons.

Chrome application shortcuts on Windows 7 taskbar

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1. Open Google Chrome and open the App window – Create a Google Chrome app shortcut via right-click on the app icon then a left-click on “Create shortcut”

create google chrome app shortcut

2. Step Pin the Chrome app to your taskbar and add it to your Desktop:
pin chrome app shortcut to taskbar

3. Step Go to your desktop, right-click on the app icon and click on Properties. On the first tab, click on Change Icon and browse for your high resolution icon
change icon

4. Step Now go to the tab General and check the option Read-only. Then pin the new icon to your taskbar – you can remove the old one.
dont allow chrome to change icon