Running a shiny new laptop and you don’t know how to disable the touchpad in Windows 7? It’s easy to disable the touchpad in Windows 7, but I would recommend to disable the touchpad while typing instead of disabling it completely.

How to disable Touchpad in Windows 7

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Method 1: Touchpad Driver Software for Windows 7

Windows 7 will automatically detect your touchpad and you will need 3rd-party software to disable the touchpad again.

Most major laptop manufacturers like Asus, Dell, Acer, Alienware etc. get their touchpads from a 3rd-party OEM provider. The provider has some official drivers on their website that you can use to disable the touchpad in Windows 7.

Download TouchPad Drivers for Windows

Windows 7 Drivers:

Windows XP/Vista and Win7 32-bit Edition v14.0.3
Windows XP/Vista and Win7 64-bit Edition v14.0.3

Method 2: Disable Touchpad while typing in Windows 7/Vista/XP

If you only want to disable the touchpad while you are typing, you could simply download this great and handy tool:

Download TouchFreeze

TouchFreeze will automatically disable your touchpad while you are typing. This will also prevent the Windows 7 cursor from jumping around on your desktop while you type.