If you haven’t done it already, you should schedule a defragmentation of your hard drive to make Windows 7 faster. Tip by Vivek N. Have some tips on your own? Send us your tips and tutorials to win7themes[at]googlemail.com
How to Make Windows 7 Faster?

Although Windows 7 operating system is efficient enough in itself that it can organize and initialize several maintenance tasks automatically in order to provide smooth functionality. It is also known by everyone that Windows 7 is quite faster and better than Microsoft Windows Vista. However users can still use some best practices in order to enjoy better performance and faster speed while using Windows 7. One best practice, though, which is strongly recommended by almost every technically skilled professional is to defragment the hard disk drive on a regular basis and quite frequently. Defragmentation ensures that the disk space is utilized optimally which in return enables the disk to offer a promising experience to the users. In Windows 7 by default defragmentation process is scheduled on a weekly basis and in normal conditions this configuration is not to be modified. However if users think that their computer is used more frequently and they add or remove files on the hard disk every now and then, they can schedule the defragmentation process for lesser intervals. The process to this is given as below:

1 Logon to the computer with the account that has administrative privileges.
2 Click on Start button and in the search box type Disk Defragmenter and hit enter key.
Type Disk Defragmenter in Searchbox
3 On Disk Defragmenter box click on Configure schedule button.
Click on Configure Schedule Button to Re-Schedule Defragmentation Process According to Your Requirements
4 On Disk defragmenter schedule configuration page choose appropriate options as per the hard disk usage. Alternatively you can click on Select disks button to choose which drives will be defragmented when the scheduled defragmentation process initializes.
Modify the Values Accordingly
Select the Disks which should be Defragmented
5 Once done, click on Ok button and back on Disk Defragmenter box click on Close button to get back to the desktop.

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