If you want to add the option “open command prompt here” to your context menu in Windows 7, you’ll have to modify your registry or press the shift key while right-clicking the folder. I prefer the first solution, download the registry hack here!

Open  Command Prompt Here Windows 7

Yep, since Windows Vista the option “open command prompt here” has been added to the context menu. Simply hold down SHIFT and then right-click on a folder. You will notice that many advanced options appear in your context menu. Many of them are VERY useful for managing Windows 7 more efficiently.

Registry Hack to permanently add “Open Command Prompt Here”

I created a registry file for you that will permanently add the option “Open Command Prompt Here” to your context menu. Included is also a registry file to disable it again. This will work on Windows 7 32-bit as well as 64-bit.

Download Registry Hack

If you want to do it manually:

1. Step Open the registry

2. Step Uncollapse [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\cmd]

Windows 7: Extended Context Menu

3. Step Delete the key “Extended” in the right pane after exporting the selected branch.

Transparent Context-Menu in Windows 7

If you want a transparent context-menu in Windows 7, then read our guide that will teach you how to do it:
Transparent Context Menu

If you like this tweak, let us know and we’ll find more ways to customize your context menu! After all this site is all about desktop customization!