Alright, let’s assume your PC can’t boot and you can only boot into the command prompt – how would you open a txt or log file using the command prompt?

Booting Into Command Prompt On Windows 8

1. Step Boot into command prompt

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2. Step The easiest way to do that is to hit F8 when your PC boots up for the advanced startup options. Follow the steps below

troubleshoot windows 8

Click on Advanced Option
advanced windows 8 repair options

You should now get this and boot into command prompt:
boot into command prompt

Next, Windows 8 will open a command prompt. ¬†We’re now going to “cd” – change the directory to our regular C or D drive

change directory via command prompt in windows 8

Now cd into the System32/Logfiles folder:

Opening Log Or Txt File From Command Prompt.png

To open a text file from command prompt simply enter the text file name into the command prompt, alternatively add a leading “notepad.exe” without the quotes if you insist but it should work like this