Update Windows 8_Thumb2 If you want to mount an ISO file in Windows 8 but you get the error Sorry there was a problem mounting the file try this

Updating Windows 8

1. Step Apparently, Microsoft patched this bug with the last update (November 2012)

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2. StepOpen the Control Panel and go to System and Security

Update Windows 8.Jpg

3. Step Next, if you see a red box saying You need to check for updates now, it’s possible you don’t have the latest Windows 8 updates yet

Windows Update Now

4. Step Click the button Check for Updates


Checking For Updates

5. Step Alright, now reboot your PC and you should be set

6. Step Try mounting an ISO file

7. Step Copy the ISO file to your local drive, do NOT mount from an external or network drive

8. Step If you still get the error “Sorry there was a problem mounting the file” make sure the ISO file is valid

9. Step Still problems? Download an alternative mounting tool like PowerISO or Daemon Tools

We explained how to mount ISO files in Windows 7 here that guide may be of help to you if you continue to have problems mounting ISO files in Windows 8