You have reached the level cap and want to modify the leveling curve? Try this Skyrim mod.

Skyrim Mod Level Cap

Apparently, the leveling curve makes leveling harder past LvL50, but you can level up to 81 or so (I haven’t played much lately, so I’m still LvL10)

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There is a very cool mod that modifies the leveling curve and makes it harder to level up. This way hitting LvL81 or whatever the cap is shouldn’t be so easy.

it previously took 100 xp to get to level 1. With this mod it takes 150 (more)
it previously took 2475 xp to get to level 11. With this mod it takes 2475 (the same)
it previously took 35635 xp to get to level 50. With this mod it takes 25875. With 35635 xp + this mod, you should be level 60.

Download Level Curve Rebalance Skyrim Mod

Level Cap

Current LvL Cap: 81

Possible DLC LvL Cap: 99

It’s possible that a Skyrim expansion or DLC will increase the level cap. It is very likely that the new level cap will be LvL99