Wavosaur1 You are recording a lot but dont like Audacity so much? Here are 5 alternatives to Audacity: Wavosaur, Reaper, Goldwave ..

Audacity is a free digital audio editor software and recording application. The software can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD and OS X products to manipulate digital audio waveforms. The software is able to record sounds directly or import different sound formats. Audacity can function with an unlimited number of tracks; however it cannot record more than 2 channels at one time.There are numerous alternatives to Audacity. Some are free and others cost money.

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1) Wavosaur


Another free audio editor that is able to perform editing functions in a fast and efficient manner is Wavosaur. The product records from soundcard inputs and edits and processes audio files. Wavosaur features cut, copy, paste, normalize, fade, mix, trim, crop and invert functions along with the ability to change the volume, remove vocals and convert channels. The user can tweak and listen to processed audio in real time and the product includes Voice System Technology (VST) plugins.

2) Reaper


For $50 users can purchase Reaper online or at most computer stores. The work station software provides complete multi-track audio with Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering. Reaper works with almost any hardware and can be used along with other software and plugins. Users can record audio simultaneously from multiple inputs and layer new recordings over previous recordings.

3) Goldwave


Costing just a bit more at $59 is the Goldwave professional digital audio editor. The product can perform anything from the simplest recording and editing function to the most complicated audio processing, restoration, enhancements and conversion. Goldwave is able to record any source that is supported by your personal computer. It can process a wide range of audio effects; remaster old vinyl or tape recordings and analyze audio. The software can process an unlimited number of files in many different formats.

4) RecordForAll


Another free software that allows the user to easily record and edit audio files is RecordForAll. The software specializes in allowing the user to create professional sounding podcasts. The files can be either recorded or imported and sound distortions and imperfections can be conveniently removed with drag and drop editing. The user can create interesting sound effects, record interviews and music and edit and layer clips. RecordForAll allows for the mixing of music files. It also has built in noise filters which prevent sound distortions.

5) Acoustica


One of the more expensive digital editors is the Acoustica base edition. Priced at $75, the software records, edits, mixes and masters audio sound. Its interface is fast, accurate and easy to use. The software includes high quality processing tools that are designed to make all recordings sound professional. One of the most important aspects of Acoustica is that it can burn CDs.

Another brand of software that costs nothing is Music Editor Free, also known as MEFMedia. The software records audio from various devices while it edits sound and cuts, copies, pastes and deletes. The software also includes a ripper and burner and is extremely easy to use. New software products are being developed constantly by companies dedicated to enhancing the users’ experiences.