I recently tried to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express via an MSI installer to try a little ASP coding. However, I ended up getting the error 29505: The installer encountered an unexpected error

The following solutions works for all MSI files not just the SQL express, so if you have any other MSI files that are causing problems during the installation, follow the steps below

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The Solution: Run MSI From Elevated CMD

1. Step This is what the error will look like:

The Installer Has Encountered An Unexpecter Error 29506.Png

2. Step The solution to the error is fairly simple – the MSI has problems with your permissions

3. Step Simply run an elevated command prompt and launch the MSI from there, let’s check out how that works:

Run Msi From Elevated Command Prompt.png

4. Step Follow this guide if you don’t know what an elevated command prompt is

5. Step Once it’s opened enter cd /PATH/TO/Downloads (Replace the path with your actual path as seen above)

6. Step If the path is on a different drive you have to enter the letter e.g. D:

7. Step Finally, enter the exact name of the MSI file to run it

8. Step Follow the MSI installer and it should now work without any errors

Still getting the error “The installer encountered an unexpected error”? If so, post a comment below