If you want to know how to capture a Screenshot directly in Windows 8, go through this tutorial.

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Like other versions of windows in windows 8, you can easily capture a screenshot by using Ctrl+PrtScn, Alt+PrtScn or PrtScn keys. Using those keys you simply copy the screenshot into the clipboard. Then you need to use any image editor like Paint to copy that screenshot from the clipboard. After that you can edit that screenshot or may save that screenshot directly from the paint. So, in this process you must need an image editing software to take the screenshot of the window. In Ultimate version of Windows 7, we have seen a very useful utility, Snipping Tools. Very surprisingly so far the utility is missing in Windows 8. But still there is a surprise in Windows 8, which may compensate the deficiency of Snipping Tools in Windows 8. Windows 8 comes with a very new feature using which you can easily take snapshots of your screen and the screenshot will be automatically stored into your C:\Users\[user-name]\Pictures\ folder without doing any extra steps in your Windows 8. The screenshots can be also viewed from your Pictures library.
Follow the steps to capture a Screenshot directly in Windows 8.

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Steps to capture a Screenshot directly in Windows 8

1. Step Press (Windows + prt sc) keys and release them.
2. Step The screen will be quickly dimed and return back to normal. The snapshot of the main display is taken and stored to the destination folder.
Dimmed Screen and Screenshot is taken
3. Step Now, go to the C:\Users\[user-name]\Pictures\ folder or navigate to your Pictures library and you will see that the screenshot is saved there in .PNG format.


What has discussed above that, this unique feature of Windows 8 no doubt is a new addition but still Windows 8 users will miss the Snipping Tools and may want to install the Snipping Tools additionally or may use other Third party applications for this purpose.