Search Within Subfolders TextHere’s another productivity tip that I wanted to share with you: Searching within text files that are stored in nested subfolders using one of my favorite must-have editors Notepad++

1. Step Head over to to grab a copy of notepad++ and install it

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2. Step Hit CTRL + F on your keyboard to open the search

3. Step No go to the tab “Find In Files” and enter something you want to search for into the field “Find what”

Search Within Subfolders Text

4. Step Select a directory by clicking the button with the three dots …

5. Step MAKE SURE to select the checkbox In all sub-folders

6. Step Because searches may take a while, Windows may ask you to close the program because it does not respond, but don’t do that, instead have some patience

7. Step Notepad++ will search within all text files that are stored in the directory –

It is not recommend to use a root directory like D:\ because it will search the entire hard drive and will most likely crash the app