Don’t you agree that icons on the taskbar and tray can be incredibly distracting? There’s a workaround to hiding the system tray without any additional tools.

Why Hide The Tray?

The tray usually shows you the time, some icons and occupies virtual real estate that could be used. Unfortunately, the tray can not be turned of unless you use a shell theme.

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The Workaround

There is a workaround however. Windows 8 comes with support for multi-monitor taskbars. However, there will only be one main taskbar with the tray. You can use that to your advantage to display the tray on a secondary screen.

1. Step Open the Taskbar properties:
Open Taskbar Properties Window.png

2. Step Now make sure Multiple taskbars are enabled
Enable Multiple Display Taskbar

3. Step By now you should have multiple taskbars.

4. Step Right-click on the desktop and click on Screen resolution. Now switch your main screen with your 2nd screen or 3rd screen depending on where you want the tray.

Make This My Main Display.png

5. Step The taskbar with the tray should now only appear on your main screen.

Using 3rd-Party Tools

Tools such as DisplayFusion allow you to completely disable the Windows 8 taskbar and replace it with a new clean taskbar that comes without a tray.

Display Fusion Start Menu Support.png

DisplayFusion comes with support for external 3rd-party start menus such as Classic Shell, StartisBack, Start8 and StartMenuX