Adobe Acrobat X Pro_ll If you have some money to spend to professionally edit and convert PDF files, here are three rather expensive tools

Editing PDF’s is not an easy job. Here are great tools that also provide various OCR features to recognize and convert hand-written text

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By far the best and also most expensive software to edit PDF files professionally is Adobe’s Acrobat X:

For roughly $220 you get the ultimate PDF tool

Adobe Acrobat Leads the Pack: Most Expensive and Complete Tool

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

The well-known Adobe Acrobat X Pro has many features, one of which is easily and successfully converting PDFs to Word documents or other formats. The Adobe package is by far the most expensive but also the best, possibly because Adobe created the PDF format. Although the software is complex, it is easy to understand when all support documentation is reviewed.

The Form Wizard is particularly useful as it enables the user to create forms in many different ways. Users who do not need all of the many features included in the Adobe Acrobat X Pro software package may want to consider a less expensive package with fewer features.

PDF Converter Professional: Considerably Less Expensive

Looking for cheaper tools instead?

pdf Converter And Editor Professional Software

Although the PDF Converter Professional 7 software package has an amazing number of features and tools, it costs several hundred dollars less than the Adobe Acrobat conversion software. The package is designed specifically for Windows operating systems, but it does include a Mac solution for PDF conversion too.

The process for converting PDF files to Word documents is easy and efficient in both Windows and Mac systems. The conversion process takes a little longer with the PDF Converter than with Adobe Acrobat and it is not able to embed audio and video files in a document. If the main function a user is looking for is conversion from PDF to Word, PDF Converter is most likely the best software.

Nitro Pro is Exceptionally User Friendly

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Nitro Pro software includes numerous features that are helpful to users of all skill levels. The software offers users a fast and easy way to merge PDF files before converting them to a Word document. It also does an excellent job of converting PDF files that contain complex graphics and AutoCAD drawings.

Any document can be optimized for use on the internet or for high quality printing using Nitro Pro, and the Convert File tool can convert a PDF file to almost any other file type. Nitro Pro is one of the most user friendly software packages available that can convert PDF files to Word documents. The ease of use is one of the features users seem to like the best with Nitro Pro software.

Individuals looking for software to convert PDF files to Word documents tend to care about basic features like ease of editing PDF files, ability to do high quality printing of documents and user friendly processes. Most of the top PDF converter software packages meet the basic expectations of the majority of users.