Preview Record_thumb.jpg 1Sometimes you might want to record what you hear in Windows 8. This guide will show you how to do exactly that using the Virtual Audio Cable.

3rd-party app required to record what you hear!

1. Step First of all you have to download and install Virtual Audio Cable which can transfer audio from one device channel to another. Download it from save the installation file to your computer. The file is in zip format, extract it and double click the installation file i.e. setup.exe

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Download virtual audio cable

2. Step Next, Click on Yes in the User Account Control box.

UAC prompt Record

3. Step Next, Click on ‘I accept’ in the license agreement window and then on next window click on the Install button.

Install virtual audio cable

4. Step Click on the ‘Install this driver software anyway’ and finally you will see ‘Installation completed successfully’ message.

Windows security virtual audio cable

5. Step Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Control Panel tile on the Start Screen.

Open control panel record

6. Step Next, click on the More Settings.

More settings record

7. Step Click on the Hardware and Sound.

Hardware sound record

8. Step Next, Click on the Manage audio devices.

Manage audio devices record

9. Step Next, click on the “Playback” tab and right click on the Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) and select ‘Set as Default Device’. Then click on the OK button.

Set virtual as default device

10. Step Next, we have to download and install Audacity which records what you hear (or even what you don’t hear). You can download Audacity from Next, install the Audacity to your computer. Follow the installation wizard to install Audacity.

Install Audacity

11. Next, launch the Audacity application by clicking on the Audacity Panel tile on the Start Screen.

Start Audacity

12. Next, click on the Edit >> Preferences or simply press Ctrl + P.

Edit preferences audacity

13. Next, On the Devices tab, select Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) under Recording section and then click on the OK button.

Select Line 1 audacity

14. Next, play any file with audio and in Audacity click on the Record icon. Now everything you hear or you dont hear but is playing will be recorded in Audacity. To export the recorded file, click on the File >> Export. Then give your file and select your desired extension (file type) like .wav or .mp3 etc. That are the complete steps to record what you hear in Windows 8. One more thing, you might have to change your default playback device to speaker to hear what you have recorded. See Step – 9.

Record audio audacity


So, you want to want to know how to record what you hear in Windows 7? It’s definitely possibly, although some people will not be happy if I tell you how to do it. Microsoft removed the entry “what you hear” from Vista and Windows 7, because people started recording what they heard online instead of buying iTunes or other stuff online, although it is completely legal to record what you hear.