Creating symlinks via mklink is really easy and the syntax ain’t too complicated, however it is always nice to have a GUI to do things. If you really need a GUI to create symbolic links in Windows 7, download this free symlink creation tool based on mklink.

Windows 7 Symlink GUI

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The GUI of symlinker is very intuitive and allows you to comfortably create symlinks if you don’t like the command prompt:
Symlink GUI Windows

Head over to to download the symlinker!

In order to run the symlinker you need .Net Framework 3.5 and you need to either run Windows Vista or Windows 7, because it won’t work on Windows XP (no mklink). This utility is freeware, licensed under GNU General Public License v3.

Prefer Command Prompt? Learn MKLINK Syntax

Mklink Command for Symbolic Links

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