Installing Itunes If you are wondering whether or not some programs work on Windows 8, e.g. iTunes, then read this.

I already addressed this question on our community site here, but I wanted to add some more details.

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Windows 8 is based on the same kernel as Windows 7, only a much smaller, improved version of it that can easily run on mobile devices as well e.g. ARM CPU’s

Anyway, this means that most programs that run well on Windows 7 are also working on Windows 8 e.g. iTunes works very well:

After installing iTunes
Installing Itunes

It’s up and running

Itunes Working On Windows8

If you are using services like Spotify they should also work too, but it’s untested so you would have to give it a try yourself. If you do, please post a comment mentioning what works and what not in the comments for others visitors who read this, thanks!