You get a lot of spam every day. If you need a good and free anti spam software for Windows 7, here are the 5 best free tools.

Best Free Anti Spam Software for Windows 7

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Most people with typical email accounts deal with spam on a regular basis. However, with free anti spam software for Windows 7, having an organized email account can go from a dream to reality with one of these programs.

SpamBayes: Bayesian statistics

SpamBayes’s system uses a sophisticated system known as Bayesian statistics to analyze and organize email accounts. This program works with both POP and IMAP email accounts, and has plugins available for Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird that make setup a breeze. Users must train SpamBayes by selecting the emails that are spam and differentiating them from the good emails. Over time, SpamBayes learns to sort mail automatically into three categories: good, spam, and unsure. Users can then further train the program by sorting through the unsure emails, until the program runs smoothly.

BullGuard With Outlook and Thunderbird Spam Protection

BullGuard fully integrates with Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird, but does not filter IMAP accounts. It will not work as a proxy or independent application, but for POP email accounts it works smoothly and effectively. BullGuard sorts emails according to its user community as well as its spam rules to filter emails, and includes the option to white list known good address and blacklist bad ones. With simple “this is spam” and “this is not spam” buttons to correct errors, BullGuard is overall an easy program to understand and manipulate.

POPFile: Open Source Anti Spam Solution

POPFile is an open source program developed by John Graham-Cumming that uses a Bayesian statistical system to sort through mail after it has been trained. It can even be trained to sort mail into categories such as “work” or “personal” as well as working to sort through spam emails. POPFile works as a proxy and is managed through a web interface. The major drawback of this program is that it can begin to draw heavily on a computer’s resources the more trained the program becomes, slowing down CPU speed and affecting total computer performance.

Spamfence: Best Free Anti Spam Software?

Spamfence is a powerful piece of free anti spam software for Windows 7 that does not have to be trained to begin sorting email. This program also offers complete virus protection that developers boast can detect threats long before traditional virus protection programs. The main drawback is that it uses multiple email accounts to sort through mail, which can be a pain to set up and implement. However, Spamfence has very few instances of false positives, and is one of the most accurate examples of free anti spam software for Windows 7.

Spamihilator Works With IMAP and POP Mail Accounts

Spamihilator is another free anti spam program that uses the Bayesian statistical system to analyze and sort mail. It works with virtually any email, whether it is a POP or IMAP account. Spamihilator also supports plugins, adding additional filters to help protect against spam. This program uses several different methods to determine if an email is spam or not to guarantee the most accurate spam protection. One drawback to Spamihilator is that it cannot further sort good mail, like POPFile can, but is still a powerful piece of anti spam software.

Everyone deals with email, but with the right free anti spam program, not everyone has to deal with spam. By utilizing one of these free programs, any user can begin sorting their mail, saving time and energy while preventing frustration.