Agreen Sign Software_ll Quite frequently I receive documents that I have to print and sign, but with digital signature software you can avoid printing it, lower your costs and save time. Here are 5 of the best tools for Windows that you may want to try if you need to sign something

Signing a document digitally is becoming more and more popular for verifying documents online. Your signature authorizes all sorts of things and is a legal binding authentication form. Important documents always require a signature, however using a FAX all the time takes more time than just putting your name on a sheet of paper (if you’re working digitally already). Digital signing software can therefore optimize your daily routine and is highly recommended

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We have reviewed 5 software programs:

About digital signatures: Signature software is frequently used with e-mails, PDF, word processing documents and in every place which requires confidentiality. A digital ID is needed to sign digitally a document. To certify or approve electronic documents we require Digital Signature Software. The algorithms like RSA, DSA, Rabin signature algorithm, Pairing-based schemes such as BLS, Undeniable signatures are implemented in digital signature. Some well-known software applications are discussed in brief.


Software 1: Alpha Trust Pronto

Alpha Trust.png

Alpha Trust Pronto is famous digital signature software which was released in the year 1998. This AlphaTrust product supports various types of Digital Signatures like Standard Scripted Signature, Stored Signature Image, Digital Certificate (PKI) Signature, Electronic Signature Pad Capture etc. Variety of document sending features like DOC, DOCX, Upload PDF and Custom Branded Emails are included in it. When you use the PRONTO Online electronic signature service, the looks and feel of the websites are maintained.

This software sends a copy of document to the all users. When you receive a copy of document you can recall and check the document using the website.

Document sending features are

  • Check Boxes, Initials Boxes, Signature Boxes and Date Boxes. The Reporting Features of this software are that it has Cycle time graphs and Sent vs. Signed Graph.

The security features of this software are

  • Audit Log, Signature Certificate, SSL Data Encryption, ESIGN Act Compliance, and UETA Compliance. The main advantage of this software is that it is very easy to use and it is a freeware.

Software 2: Ascertia File Sign&Seal Digital Signature Software

Ascertia File Signing Software.png

Ascertia File Sign&Seal Digital Signature Software is a product of Ascertia Limited. The latest version of this software is File Sign&Seal 3.5. It is such Application software which can sign and encrypt any file, multiple files, folder or multiple folders. The features like digital time stamping, online identity validation, file compression are included in it and it also supports internal workflow controls. Digital Certificate (PKI) Signature is supported by this software. Custom Logo Branding, Document Overview for Signers are some of the document signing features that are provided with this software.

Document Signing features

  • Signer Sequencing, Upload PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, Multiple Signers and Bulk Signing, and some Security features like Signature Certificate, Signer and Session Data Capture and ESIGN Act Compliance. This application is specially designed for transaction enforceability, legal and regulatory compliance, technical security and risk management.

Software 3: Adobe EchoSign Digital Signature Software

Adobe Echo Sign.png

Adobe EchoSign is a product of Adobe Inc. It is a 100% web-based, on-demand, fully digital electronic signature solutions which do not have requirement of scanning software. With this software, there is nothing to learn or install, no hardware or IT department is needed. Here have to simply click “Send”.

This software can be distributed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. You can use this software online and on your mobile phone. Standard Scripted (Typed) Signature is supported by this software. Tooltips on Text Fields, Unlimited Fax-Back, Signing Custom Logo Branding, iPad Tablet Signing are the Document Signing Features of this software. The Document Sharing Features included within it are Multiple Signers, Non-Signer CC Parties, Signer Sequencing, Upload DOC, DOCX, XLS and PDF, Custom Branded Emails and iPad In-Person Signing App.

It has various document sharing features

  • Markup/Negotiation Tools, Multi-User Accounts, PDF Download, Real-time Activity Feed, Send Email Reminders to Signers, Administrator Access Privileges, Document Signing Notification and Document Viewing Notifications.

Security features:

  • Audit Log, Digital Checksums of Documents, ESIGN Act Compliance and SSL Data Encryption are included within it.

Software 4: Agree’n Sign Digital Signature Software

Agreen Sign Software.png

Agree’n Sign is a product of Headspin Software designed to send and electronically sign contracts online, without pen, paper or fax. The most advantageous feature is that it’s simple and intuitive. Some important features include track and fill managing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application.

It can work only in online platform. Handwritten Mouse Signature, Standard Scripted Signature, Handwritten Signature Default, Percentage Progress Meter, Real-time Instruction Bar, Tooltips on Text Fields, Custom Logo Branding, and Document Overview for Signers are the Document

Signing Features are available in this software.

  • Some document sending features are Address Book, Multiple Signers, Non-Signer CC Parties, Signer Sequencing, Upload PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS and Address Book.

Software 5: RightSignature Digital Signature Software

Right Signature.png

RightSignature LLC launched RightSignature in the year of 2009. This online software lets you produce and sign it online. You can use this software both in mobile and online. Stored Signature Image, Standard Scripted (Typed) Signature, Handwritten Mouse Signature are the encryption techniques which are used by this software. Document signing features include iPad Tablet Signing, iPhone Mobile Signing, Percentage Progress Meter, Realtime Instruction Bar, Tooltips on Text Fields, Unlimited Fax-Back Signing, Webcam Signature Photo etc.

The Document Management Features are

  • PDF Download,
  • Disable Unsigned Documents, and

Security features of RightSignature are

  • Document Signing Notifications,
  • Document Viewing Notifications and Filtering of Documents Near Expiration,
  • Phone Number Verification,
  • SSL Data Encryption
  • etc.