Do you want to free up disk space? Well, definitely read our tutorial: 7 ways to free up disk space in Windows 7. One of the best ways to free up disk space might be to find and delete duplicate files. Here’s how you would do that!

Finding duplicates in Windows 7

Anti-Twin by Jörg Rosenthal is a greta tool to find duplicate files in Windows 7. The freeware (free for personal use) will quickly scan your hard drive for duplicates. When the scan is done you can select duplicate files by properties or by folders, which is very handy if you don’t want to delete all duplicate files.

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Find duplicate files in Windows 7

The software is really easy to use but also provides advanced option. For me, it’s definitely one of the best solutions to free up disk space. Who need’s duplicates anyway?

Attention: Scan your list of duplicates for files that you still need. Some duplicates might be still needed to execute certain programs. This will rarely be the case, but better safe than sorry!

Download Anti-Twin Duplicate Finder

You can download this freeware from Jörg’s homepage: