Rack_Space_Cloud1 Cloud hosting doesn’t have to be as expensive, you can get started with a small budget using Windows Azure or Rack Space Cloud

Cloud services are third party network of remote servers that manage and store your data on the Internet. When you have a cloud hosting service, you have access to your hard drive on the Internet, which means that you can access your information from wherever you are, on whatever device you have. These services are generally affordable and the storage space for these services is ample. The best cloud hosting services are described below.

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1) Rack Space Cloud


This service is among the top services in the business because it supports diverse operating systems. Some of the operating systems that are supported by Rack Space are Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Windows XP. The service also has quick response and elasticity. The company has excellent technical support that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. One drawback, however, is that there is only 20 GB of disk storage space.

2) Just Cloud


This company has many advantages, including fully automated services, free cloud storage, and encrypted security. It also boasts unlimited storage space. The files of the client are stored online which allows the client to access these files from any place in the world. The company offers apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, and support for all of these applications. Files are shareable, and technical support is unlimited, 24/7, 365 days a year. Many computers may be synced, and the mobile Apps are free.

3) Zip Cloud


This service has unlimited cloud storage space, so a client may back up unlimited files. The computer system for this company is fully automated. This means that the client’s computer is in sync with its chosen schedule. Clients also have their data securely backed up and the files are encrypted with a security system that rivals that of the large banks. It is user friendly, and supports a wide variety of operating systems. These systems include Windows 7, Mac OSX, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

4) Windows Azure


This service runs on a PaaS platform, so it works for those individuals and businesses that do not need a specialized OS. There is not a need to worry about OS updates and patches with this system. Azure’s OS enables the development of web technologies that include ASPNET, PHP and Node.js. The OS can also run arbitrary code, and any application can be hosted. Microsoft offers a three month free trial, and customers may choose a pay are you go option or a per hour option. The data that can be stored can either be structured or unstructured.

5) Rackspace Cloud Hosting


This service features automatic OS updates. Rackspace charges for the hour for each server. The company provides a calculator to estimate the costs. Customers who want a “sneak peek” at this service may access the administrative portal, and the only charges for this are if the customer creates instance or uses resources. The managed service for this service provides OS and application infrastructure layer support, as well as technical support.

If you have a need for a cloud hosting service, there are a variety of options for you to choose. Each of these options has different features, and what features you need is individualized. It is recommended that you do independent research before deciding upon a cloud hosting service.